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What is the becompliance Whistleblowing Channel ?

The becompliance Whistleblowing Channel allows its employees and the employees of its subcontractor to confidentially alert about any irregular, illegal or contrary conduct to its Code of Ethics.

becompliance guarantees confidentiality throughout the process. The reception of the complaints will be carried out by Becompliance, an external company and the information provided will be used only for the verification and investigation of the complaint.

How to send a complaint?

becompliance has made the following means available to those interested:

  • Telematically, through this page and following its instructions..
  • By telephone, at the following number 910 075 377 during business hours.
  • In person, at the physical headquarters in Malaga of Becompliance located at calle Ordóñez nº 2; 1st floor.

Support to the Ethical Channel

Telephone or face-to-face complaints, during business hours.

Telematic complaints can be filed 365 days, 24 hours.

For any technical incident related to the channel you can write to soporte@canaldenuncia.app.